Leasing Service

Why should you choose our Leasing Service?

As a landlord, you are essentially giving a stranger the keys to your property. Taking the time to select a qualified tenant for your property is an important step to protect your investment.

Finding a qualified tenant is a time consuming but, the most critical step you want to focus on, if done incorrectly, your investment property could turn to be your single largest liability you ever acquired!

Our leasing agents will effectively advertise your vacancy, answer all ad inquires, are experts at identifying good tenants, and they will take care of all the details, including running credit reports, verifying employment, personal references and landlord references. In short, we save you the trouble and aggravation of having to run all the checks and having to go through all that red tape yourself.

This is an exclusive service offered at a competitive rate equal to one months’ rent

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Our Leasing Service Includes:

  1. Setting the right rental rate

    We will conduct a thorough market study, in order to set a competitive rental price for your property, a lower than market rent could result in attracting the wrong tenant on the flip side, a higher than market rent would result in longer than average vacancy. Setting the correct rental rate will ensure that you achieve the maximum monthly income and maintaining a low vacancy rate.

  2. Taking Pictures

    Pictures are a critical part of a leasing process, posting a low quality pictures will attract unwanted tenant profile. Our professionals are experts at using the right equipment and angles to present your property in the most desirable way

  3. Advertising

    Through long experience, we have become acutely aware of where to market your property and how to craft compelling advertising materials – a significant advantage when it comes to filling your properties quickly and avoiding long vacancies.

  4. MLS Listing

    We have partnered and built a strong relationships with top real estate agents in local markets to list our vacancies on MLS for additional exposure at no addition cost to you!

  5. Answer incoming questions

  6. Arrange showings

  7. Accept applications

  8. Screen applications

  9. Run credit & reference check

  10. Collect deposit(s) where applicable

  11. Execute lease agreement

  12. Coordinate utility transfer where applicable

  13. Perform Move-in check list


By having our company take care of the leasing service, you free up time, and you are now able to grow the remainder of your investment opportunities, further your professional career or just enjoy life.

Find out today if your property qualifies for our service…

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